What are good questions to ask a potential mate on the first date?

So I had a one night stand so I thought, but this man ended up texting me a fewhours after I left to come back over But had left town and was already on my way home two hours away. I haven't seen him since but he will text me from now and then to ask me how I've been and that he's thinking of me. (i don't text me) He's been home for a bit till he starts training for football again. He's coming back to my state this weekend and wants to take me out or hang out (he has heard I'm a great cook from mutual friends so he wants me to cook for him😜). I'm a kinda a shy girl when it comes down to a intimate settings. What are good things to talk about and good questions to ask with out sounding like I'm weird? I really could see my self liking this guy which is not normal for myself due to the fact of me being very social in groups but not intimately so I have a hard time getting attached to guys. Please help


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  • What are you looking for more...1) a trusting companion OR...2) an exclusive relationship?

  • "How many kids do you want and what would you name them?" xD

    • Funny... with out me asking and from him seeing pictures of my little sister 18 years younger than myself he said he wanted 4 or more lol punk 😝

    • This! Then come back and tell us what happened. :D

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