How should I take this guy and what his friend told me?

We've been talking every day for a few months. We trying going out to a movie, dinner, or an activity every other week. We've never held hands, kissed, or anything. We are both very shy. I was told by his friend that he was talking to a girl a few months back and he would buy her everything at a drop of a hat. She then told him he had a boyfriend. He said she wasn't good for him. His friend said he is bullied and pushed around a lot. He is a bigger guy and not a perfect 10, but I like him. :) how can I tell him I like him and how can I tell if he likes me?


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  • Tell him that you have feelings for him and that you were wondering if he felt the same way. The only way you'll know how he feels about you is if you're direct and to the point.


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  • give him a piece of paper that says "Text me". Say he dropped it, then talk on text, you are less inhibited on text. You will find out.


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