Why is it so hard to just take a chance?

You told me to follow you
Away from the others
The fire and the noise
Towards the trees

A small winding path
Twisted roots at our feet
You took me by the hand
Pulling me behind you

We exit from the trees
And we're on the edge of the pond
But the far side
Its between us and the house

The fire and lights reflect on it's still waters
The reflection and the source
Both light up your face in the dark
The flames dancing in your eyes

I want to kiss you
Right here
Right now
In this moment

But I'm unsure

Am I misreading things?
Is this what you want?

Voices in the dark call your name

And the moment passes...


Most Helpful Guy

  • Beautiful writing as usual Bee.

    Chances are hard to take because we're constantly weighing our options and the signs the other person is giving off. Would she be receptive to my advances? Would she be upset and want nothing to do with me? Sometimes risks don't pay off and sometimes they do but if we never take any risks at all then nothing will ever pay off. This is a huge lesson I've learned in life recently and I'm still learning.


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  • What a magnificent way to say that! If you say that to your guy in the middle of the forest he'll ask you to marry him - on the spot!

    • um.. besides the fact I don't want to get married...

      why would this illicit that response?

      it is full of indecision and paranoia

  • is this a poem?

    anyway the reason why i find it hard to take chances is because i'm paranoid and fear not just failure but other issues from my decision

    • yeah...

      and.. what other issues? like, losing the friendship?

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    • asking a girl out.. would make her your enemy?

    • not asking her out. but trying to engaged in some relationship material might since where i live there are a lot of narcissist drama queens that expect the world from you. you do something with them tonight and tomorrow and beyond they will hound you down like you owe them something and you won't believe the nonsense they will do in order to get what they think you owe them in return

  • Chance can be luck that isn't by chance. In other words with luck you have no and/or minimal control over. Your chances can increase or decrease and you can control them. However, what you want in life or even in your basic everyday things take chances like game tokens... you can't play without game tokens.


What Girls Said 2

  • Because we have no way of knowing what the result will be when we DO take a chance. No one wants to end up getting hurt and sometimes people don't want to take that risk, they just feel more comfortable guarding their heart. I guess they just believe, if they never take a risk, then they'll never get hurt. But that also means, that person never has a chance to succeed and thrive. I personally believe that chances are worth taking. If it ends up hurting me, I think that's better than never taking that chance at all.

    • Yeah... I would have.. if only we'd had a few more minutes..

    • Yeah. That's another reason I always like to take chances. I don't want to regret NOT taking that chance later on.

    • By the way, your writing is amazing! Very pleasant to read:)

  • You go girl, I'd kiss you.