Business and Dating...Should the two be mixed?

So within my business life, I come across the most smart, driven, and attractive men. Some I have known for a while some I am just recently getting to know professionally. There are two men in particular that I would consider dating but I don't want it to interfere with our business relationship and I fear that I might get to know something about either one of them that might turn me off either romantically or professionally. SO with that being said, if you are in charge of a client's project or you are working with an associate on a project should you keep it all business and not even attempt to date them or would you give it a try and see what happens? (FYI: I know one of them likes me - he told me, and the other, I'm not to too sure about but my vibes are telling me he likes me too but would rather handle business)

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  • It can be mixed and everyone has different feelings on this. The only thing is you can find that it makes things akward as you end up seeing each other all the time and also if things don't work out and you break up then you have to try and get along for the sake of work and business.

    If you feel that it would make you happy. that you have a good chance and want to have some fun then I say just go for it.


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What Guys Said 1

  • It's really risky when you mix business with pleasure. The reason is that your business could get in the way of your relationship or your relationship could get in the way of your business and the two are important to you. Mixing these two could leave you in a big dilemma later on. Although we can't really control who we are attracted too, but I'd say it would be wise to keep the two separate because if you have problems with either one, it will affect the other.


What Girls Said 1

  • I don't recommend it. I think that if you date this guy and things end badly you may not be doing work for him later on. some people would say that is immature and that maybe true, but peoples feelings get hurt both men and women sometimes people turn else where to do their business. I started my own business a few years back with a business partner and I hired my boyfriend at the time to do part time work so he could make extra money. he has two kids. well we are no longer together and I don't have to see him, but I am sure eventually we will and I am sure its not good to feel comfy for either of us. I am hoping that my business partner can communicate with him so I don't have to. some would say that is immature, but with the way he broke up with me after a year of being together and knowing everything about my past its going to be hard for me to have to see him yet alone communicate with him. a year relationship isn't that long, but we lived together for 11 out of those twelve months and things were very serious with us so there is still some love towards him and that is going to be a challenge if I have to see him while I am working. clearly I will keep it professional. There are many out their and I would seek who isn't a client or doesn't work with you or for you.