Why would the guy I've been seeing say he doesn't want me to get hurt as apposed to I don't want to hurt you?

So he told me that and I said it would probably be the last time I spoke/talk to him. More so because he said how much he liked all the little things I do with him to him for him etc right before that comment. I stayed the night but meant what I said. I think he doesn't want to get hurt and doesn't trust that I won't do him the way his ex did.


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  • It's a disclaimer. Pretty much I can do what I want and If you accepts a license to hurt you.

    • OK so I am walking away and told him so. He sent me a text later thanks for everything. To me that is seal on good bye, but... I wanted to know where he bought something so I texted him this week sorry to bother you but where... He responded as soon as I hit send and said really it is no bother. I want to be his wife not his friend

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    • I am trying to b honest and I am trying to write him off but if u show up in my space with peers encouragement IT'S Really hard

    • Then don't write him off..

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  • He's not into you and he doesn't know a better way of telling you then that