Girls I am just wondering would you go on a date with me? Yes or no I an just wondering :)?

I have never been on a date :/ but I am just wondering am I your dating type? Please be honest thank you :)

My name is Harry I have never had a girl friend. I am 24 I am a country type of guy so I enjoy the out doors like fishing and shooting. I also like going out with mates going to the clubs and pubs. I hope this helps abit :)


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  • Purely physically speaking, yes.
    But I don't know you... personality is very important to me.

    (this is something people over time get to know about another person - you can't show someone your personality in one conversation... they have to get to know you and then you can go from there)

    Maybe you don't attract women who are looking for one night stands? But maybe you don't even try to attract women? You should probably make more of an effort to talk to women and get to know what makes them tick.


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  • Sure why not you seem like a nice guy and you are not unpleasant to look at

    • thank you :0 do you think its a good pic? do you think i look pissed off? x

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    • That's ok, yes its a good pic. Don't worry u will b fine

    • ok thanks :) x

  • How are we meant to know when tell us nothing about you? If you're worried about the no date thing then don't be- girls are usually less judgmental than we seem

    • I have put some stuff about me if you want me to change it or add more tell me :) xx

  • Hell yeah !!! You look cute :)


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