Friendzoned but asked her as dance / club buddy?

I had 3 dates with a girl (she is 23).. she wants to remain friends.. I didn't kissed her... becz i was a little bit ill

Now she friendzoned me in a fb message.. i said ; ok.. but we can go out to gether and than im looking for an other girl and you for an other guy

Is this a great move?

ps iam not in love but it doesn't felt great (hear the just friends thing)

ps2 iam from Europe so my English is not very great


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  • If she just wants you as a friend, if you want a friend then hang out with her... otherwise, it's not worth your time.


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  • You're English seems perfectly fine. haha And I think you two finding relationships together is a good quirky way to start a friendship haha


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  • I dont know... If you onyl want her as a friend as well. Go for it..

    If not , dont waste you time getting hurt or jealous or hoping she
    might change her mind

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