How do I know if a guy likes me?

So I like this guy and everyone says I should tell him but only if I know he feels the same but I don't know how to tell?


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  • We could give you all the signs in the world and still be wrong. The only true way to know is to ask him (which you should).

    One good tip though is to observe how he acts with other women, does he treat you differently? If so then chances are he likes you.

    • I know gets around a lot but
      Since I slept at his house which was about three weeks ago I don't think he has even kissed another girl that I know of anyways
      Good sign or means nothing?

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    • He did sleep with me
      But I don't know it's not that he's a player he just sleeps around
      But he did ask me to catch up again couple times since then and thanked me later on the night after for coming over and stuff

      But his old best mate really likes me (there still close just not like they use to be)

    • I see. Seems like there's multiple things going on here. Any more speculation would be conjecture on my part.

      I'd say at this point that you can either wait around hoping he comes around and chooses you, or be more overt about what you want.

      One last thing I have to say though. 'it's not that he's a player he just sleeps around ' sounds a bit delusional to me (as an online third party). Make sure you're not rationalizing him as something he's not before taking a leap.

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  • 1. He'll brag - Guys often brag to impress girls. If he's telling you about his accomplishments, he's probably trying to impress you.

    2. Telling you things that are important to him - If he discloses secret and private information to you, he probably likes you.

    3. He'll buy you things- Just like a shop owner giving out free samples to show what they've got, a guy interested in a girl will buy her things even before the relationship starts to show her how much he cares.

    4. He'll Comment on what you wear - When a guy is interested, he'll repeatedly check her out. He'll likely comment on how he feels, usually in a positive way.

    Hope this helped :)

    • Is this considered bragging
      Telling people things that have happened between us?

      Him telling me small things like he has trouble sleeping that he doesn't live with his parents and things he's done wrong

      He doesn't even have money to buy him self things but when I slept at his house he stole heaps of munchies and stuff to eat for the both of us 😂

      And he calls me beautiful and cutie all the time!

      Do those things count :/?

    • ... Basically... he stole snacks though 0.0

  • Just tell him, there's nothing wrong with just telling him. Guys like a girl with guts.


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