What does she want and what should I do?

At the local car show, I met up with an old friend. We've known each other for 12 years but never really hung out in school. Well, the last time we saw each other was 6 years ago and we're 23 now. We talked at the show for about an hour then went on a cruse that night and talked for 3 more hours. We were flirting and hitting it off well so I asked her on a date. We went out the next weekend for a late night picnic date and had a really good time. We ended up back at her house and kissed. We started to text everyday. I wasn't able to see her for about 2 weeks because of a pre planned trip. We talked a few times on the phone and set up a lunch date. Now this date, she was a little off. almost like we to 3 step forward 2 steps back. However she kept steeling food from my plate, feeding me food from hers, and taking drinks from my drink. I didn't end up kissing her again. Now due to our schedules, we really haven't been able to get together again. We've had a few rough patches here and there, but we are still talking and flirting. We talk at least once a week on the phone.

Should I ask her out on another date?
We're both from a small town so there isn't a whole lot to do and she doesn't want to go out of town. So I was thinking about doing a "second first date" with another picnic.

Also, she did mention having a summer fling with me and every once in a while when we text, she mentions about wanting to be close friends, but to me her actions aren't telling me that.

I'm really confused.


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  • i think you should ask her out but maybe like do something else even say cinemas if you're feeling a bit awkward etc.


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  • Yes, you should ask her out. Just don't get too invested since she's already hinting that you are just a fling.