What are 3 things I should know about a guy?

Something i just want to know... You knowWell lets see what you think...


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  • 1 we want sex with a girl
    2 we want love from a girl
    3 we want girls constant attention/affection
    there's more than 3 here
    4 we have feelings/emotions
    5 we are lonely and the only way thats fixed is with having a girlfriend
    6 guys dont always make first moves and only prefer the girl to make all the first moves
    7 were shy
    8 were not baby/kid obsessed
    9 were not superman,
    10 were not magically born confident
    11 were not all highly social
    12 we dont like being judged for who we normally are
    13 when a guy looks at a girl a lot it means he wants her
    14 guys are rejected way more than a girl
    15 we can't read minds


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  • 1 we are as insecure as you are
    2 we have problems to distinguish sexual and romantic interest
    3 we sadly are as superficial as people want to make you believe


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  • The three thing you should not about a guy is:

    1.) they are sometimes really protective (depends on the guy)

    2.) they are sweet around you but sometimes are just a jerk around there friends (that's is some guys not all of them)

    3.) some guys are huge flirts

    Thoughts are some of the 3 things about guys but to tell you not all guys are like that. I say it depends on the guy your talking about