How do I make a long distance relationship work when he doesn't believe it will last?

I'm 14 he's 15 and he lives about 1500-1600 miles away. We really want this to last but aren't sure how. He's friends with a famous person and that sort of made him famous. Which means he can't give out his contact info. He's even scared that I'll give it away. What do I do?


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  • That sounds a bit, unusual. If he doesn't trust you enought to give you his contact information and doesn't even think it'll last then you're into him more than he's into you and he probably won't even do anything to try to make the relationship work.


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  • Girl, you're being catfished.

  • Yes, when no one wants give you contact information your being "Catfished"
    by the guy I hate to tell you but I doubt if the guys age 15 . If anything he is a
    older guy who just wants to get his nut off than after he is done he will move
    on to the next girl. I see lots red flags with this guy i hope you can see them
    but i wish you the best in whatever you do but this guys not seriously for real
    i was just "Catfished" a few days ago guess what I brought to their attention
    they stopped emailing me. I'm still deciding on whether i should give their
    email to Cybertips/ Law enforcement at least for the safety of others i should
    i did some background checking of my own and found out who I thought was
    a female was really a male

    • But you didn't hear me the first time I said this. I have talked to him face to face before. I know he's fifteen. Plus I'm friends with his cousins. sooo... explain that

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  • This has cat fish written all over it. Sorry but it's not a legit relationship at all.

  • Give up, he doesn't care enough. Don't call it a relationship. Stay penfriends.

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