Girl I love can't let go of her Ex?

There's this girl that I'm talking to right now who I really like and she likes me back. We talk and hangout a lot, but the only thing that keeps us from moving forward is her Ex. He passed away 3 years ago while they were still dating and she is still holding onto him. She gets sad and depressed sometimes thinking about him, which makes me feel so bad because I can't help her. I feel like I may be making it harder for her.

I'm not trying to make her forget about him, nor am I pressuring her. But what should I do..


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  • In my opinion,
    I think that she might be a little more attached to her ex than you might think. It's really tough for a girl to loose a bf, especially if she thought that back then she really had something special going on with him.
    Maybe you should discuss with her that instead of going out with her, you will be the really good friend. Yea you can be there when she needs a man, but first you are her friend. And until she makes her choice to let go of her old memories you need to be there for her.
    Your sympathy is good, keep it up. She feeling really broken and when she is ready to move on (and of course you are still available and accepting of her emotional journey) she will come around looking for you :)
    hope this helps!


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  • That's tough man. Credit to you for being there for her. This is hard for her, and at some point, she'll move on with her life. This is an inside job for her and you're being pretty awesome just being there for her. Keep it up dude.