Who should text after the first date?

I just went on a really great date with this guy I've just met, and we talked for over two hours with no awkward pauses and seem to be on the same page and all that. He said he wants to do it again soon as we were leaving. I sort of want to text him (not just yet - maybe tomorrow) but I feel like the usual thank you I had a nice time is sort of forced and awkward. If I should text him, what should I say? Or in your experience is it better to let the guy chase you again and wait for his communication?


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  • When I have a good date with a girl, a text from her is just a confirmation that she had a good time too. Most girls text me to say they had a good time (usually right after the date). If they don't text me, I start to wonder if they're still interested, especially if it's the first date. So, I'll usually just wait for them to text me and if they don't I'll text them in a couple days. If I don't text the girl at all after the date, I just didn't see us going anywhere.


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  • whoever was asked on the date. ie: if he asked you out you should text him. if you asked him out then he should text you.


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  • I usually text after to let him know I had a good time (if I did) and to thank him.
    If he took you out, you should let him know you had a good time. If you don't text him, he may think you had a bad time and don't want to see him again.

    • true fact. when he cares about the girl he will wonder why she didn't enjoy

  • The times of letting someone chase you are over.
    If you had a great time, text him.
    there's nothing wrong with that and you shouldn't wait for him to text you first.
    Just message him something similar to;
    ''Hey, yesterday was great. Thanks for that''.
    Particularly if he's the one who took you out. If that's the case, a friendly ''thanks'' would be appropriate AND it would show that you enjoyed it just like he did.
    (Even if you were the one who asked him, just text him. Nothing wrong with that.)


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