So I rejected a guy a few months ago and we continued to talk to him after that and now I think I have feeling for him. How do I let him know?

We started to get closer and flirt a lot more and I think I have feelings for him. How do I know if I have feelings for him and how can I let him know if I do have these feelings?


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  • lol... who is this we you refer to that's still talking to him does your girlfriends also speak with him as well? or did you mean I continue to speak to him... i think i know what you mean but its confusing to read it that way...
    ok you've really answered yor own question here when you said we started to get closer and flirt more... you don't flirt with someone unless you have some sort of feelings for them. you don't get closer either to some one you may not really be attracted to. does that make sense to you...
    the simples way is be truthful and up front.. just say that you knew you rejected him several months back but in getting to know him since you've come to like him and would consider dating him now if he's still game for that.. I woud say that his answer would be WHEN and YES... lol

    • Alright the only problem is that both of our parents are very overprotective and will not let either of us date

    • WELL I JUST NOTICE YOUR AGE RANGE SAYS UNDER 18 , so i'll assume maybe 16 at best.. and some parents yes are over protective even for their son's. however you don't necessarily hae to be on a couples date to hang out... what about group things meeting up at a theater to see a movie with some of your girlfriends and just so happens these guys shows up to keep you company during the movie... lol... kidding there parents seem to not mind group activities as much as they do just single couple acivities. now if your parents are like mine used to be it wouldn't matter either way I wouldn't be allowed to go anywhere even if I was invited... in that case your only recourse would be to spend as much time as you could in school with him...

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  • he will ask again..

    • Thank you for your answer. What are some ways that I could show him I want him to ask again?

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