Would you lie and tell a girl she is amazing and you legally like her?

Guys would you lie to a girl and tell her she has an amazing personality and you really like her after sleeping with her if you didn't think it?


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  • how do you legally like a girl?

    • Sorry I meant really?

    • oh ok that makes more sense haha:D no i wouldn't. im always straight with her, if i did that then im not only wasting her time but im also wasting mine.

  • What's the process to legally like somebody? What forms do you have to fill out?

    But yes, guys do lie to women, and will continue to do so if they think it will continue to drop their panties. Not all guys though. I would say a good indicator is whether or not he decides to get exclusive with you or if he just keeps you as a fuck buddy. If he's just keeping you as a fuck buddy, then no, he didn't actually mean it and was just saying that stuff to you.

    • No this guy said it to me before moving away. The last time I saw him

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