Latinas do you like white guys?

Now before you answer I know this is a broad question and all Latinas are different, but I wanted to see if any Latinas liked white guys if so what they like about white guys.

Anyone? Lol
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  • Yes I do. I actually have a crush on one now but I don't think he likes me. I like tall white guys blond or brown hair and guys with nice eyes

    • Thank you for answering and go talk to him a lot of white guys I know are into Latinas but most of us white guys don't think Latinas like us

    • Well he ignored me today not sure why b we usually have casual conversation it's hard to read him mot sure if he likes me or not

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  • Yes i love white boys! I love tall, muscular with a beautiful face white boys

  • Im latina and I love black guys i would like a white guy but i think they prefer their own race because they like a girl that looks like a: I

    • Actually you'd be surprised a lot of white guys like latinas but a lot of white guys think that latinas prefer black or Latino men

  • I'm latina and I'm crazy for white men! Very pale skin, especially with dark hair. My skin is very tan (I live in Brazil) so I think the contrast looks great :)


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