What makes a guy want a girl for his girlfriend?

what makes a guy want a girl for his girlfriend? When or why will a guy choose some girls to be his girlfriend and not others and how can you tell if a guy is after a relationship or sex?


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  • The 'p' word: personality. Do you act kind, caring, sweet towards him? Do you make it so that he enjoys spending time with you even when you're not having sex? If so, he'll want you for more than sex; in other words, he'll want to make you his girlfriend.

    Every guy wants a relationship, but some guys take more persuasion than others. That's why personality is so important.


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  • I know its stupid and competitive but I want to fuck a girl so bad because she has a boyfriend and he's just ugly and not fun to talk with I mean he doesn't do anything bad to me.

    I don't find the words to explain I want that girl to satisfy something but I mean is not because she's pretty I had much sexier girls many times.

  • Guys get into relationship juz to get laid. Simple isn't it?


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