I just don't have a want to really take things beyond talking anymore?

It's like I like talking to guys, but they all bore me. None have really managed to keep my attention, nor made me want to meet them/date them. I feel odd in comparison to most people my age who can't be without a girlfriend/boyfriend for more than a day, or a week. I just don't have the want anymore. Have I been burned too many times, or am I finally at that point in my own life where I'm not interested in anyone except those who I see as a real, future potential partner? It probably doesn't help that I had strong feelings that I denied for months for my guy friend who poured his heart out to me when he was vulnerable, but I wouldn't make a move because he was still in love with his ex he had just broken up with and he got back together with her. Is my heart just not ready yet?


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  • Don't feel bad. The same routine and talking to what seems like the same people can be very boring. You havens't found nothing to excite you yet. But don't give up hope. In all due time I think a guy will come along that will change everything. I am glad you are taking your time and not rushing into anything. I feel girls seem to always be in a rush to find somebody. I think their is not rush and a person should take their time until they find what they are looking for. With your guy friend you was right not to date him since he had just broken up with the ex. Maybe if he was single with no ex girlfriend then that would be a different story. Just be patient an take you time.

    • Thank you for the kind words. My mind haunts me about him. I had strong feelings. But, he got back with her because I wouldn't make a move when he was vulnerable. I feel punished for doing the right thing. And, to have him ignore me all summer once she was back... hurt. I deleted him off Facebook because I couldn't watch their unhealthy relationship. He has my #. If he was ever a real friend, he'll contact me. Facebook isn't friendship. Just a social site. I just think I'm finally to that point where I'm done settling for douches. I've been hurt enough.

    • Your very welcome. :) Don't feel like your being punished for doing the right thing. Who is to say if you would had went out with him that he wouldn't had ran back to her. Statistics says the odds are greater for an ex to run back to an ex if the break up is recent. Unless he would had been fully over her that would had been different to. Im glad you deleted him off fb he shouldn't had ignored you for the whole summer. That wasn't right. True if he was a real friend he would text you to see how you are doing. Lol fb is just a social site. Some people take it to seriously. I liked MySpace better when it was popular. True you should never settle fr douches or anything less. I feel a lot of girls settle. I see it everyday with so many people who look like they are mismatched. Cute girls with bummy or bad type looking guys and vice versa. That is true if you been hurt a lot then you should be more selective. I been hurt a lot to :( So I know the feeling :(

    • Delete the sob.. how could you get close even if you wanted to if all he wanted was his ex back?

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