Girls can you please be honest and help me out?

I've always been self conscious about myself. I have never even cuddled or kissed a girl and I was wondering if it's just because I'm not attractive or because I don't have any good qualities?

Pic is obviously above.

- I love cooking, I am pretty good at it too lol.
- I am an introvert. I can have a great conversation with people (even girls), but I find it hard to actually start the conversation. If someone starts a convo with me, I can keep it going.
- I try to live a healthy lifestyle. I went from 235 pounds to 160. I do find it difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle due to financial purposes and fee will.
- My major is psychology and I want to go to med school too become a Psychiatrist (a. k. a. Doctor)
- Another thing about my education is, I enjoy English and Science/Nutrition and love learning new things about other countries and love learning little "Did-You-Know" Facts
- I am a random person and sometimes say and do weird things lol. Not perverse, just random. I'm totally unexpected when it comes to that lol.
- I'm willing to try new things as long as it's not mountain climbing or horror movies lol.

Am I just the type of person who gives off a vibe that repels the female gender? I have this idea in my head that if I ever ask a girl out, she will immediately feel completely weird around me and never talk to me again :(


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  • No worries I haven't done much either, the farthest I've gone is cuddling with a guy.
    You're not bad looking but smile more :) Smiling makes everyone look good! and plus I'm really attracted to guys with nice smiles. From what you wrote you sound like a pretty awesome guy. Personally, quiet and shy guys are just as attractive as outgoing guys, it really depends on your personality and how your traits balance each other out. Like you said, your an introvert until approached - so that can't be bad.
    And I always found a dirty sense of humour to be attractive lol! Btw, don't write off horror movies - gives you extra chances of cuddling with girls :) I know at least for me, I need to sleep with someone if I watch a supernatural horror movie, so you could definitely be someones shield :D
    Good luck!


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  • I feel for you, man. I'm in a similar position. You seem like a great guy from what you've said, and it's definitely not because you're unattractive. But it could be because you're self-conscious about attractiveness? Perhaps you come off as too thoughtful on the subject, or maybe it stops you from relaxing in certain situations? I know I've had troubles with that in the past. If you're anything like me, you are cool and calm and are able to really have a good time when romance or someone of interest isn't on your mind. For me, I'm really fun and attract people in a lot of situations - but when I get it into my head that there is someone who needs to be impressed around, or the person I have developed a (pretty irrational, usually for me) crush on is around, I turn into something not quite myself. I say strange things, and I'm nervous, and not funny and don't know how to make the conversation flow. And it's because I'm thinking too much; I'm fixated on everything I assume the other person is fixated on, when in reality, they really probably aren't. So maybe you need to relax a bit more, allow yourself to be comfortable and cool with whomever you're with.

    It's probably all in your head. No one wants to be rejected, but you will not ALWAYS be rejected. There will be one or two people who might not click with you when you want them to, but should definitely be a yes in your future dating conquests.

    I'm not sure if that's what your issue is, but that's what mine is - and we seem to be in the same boat, so I just decided to rant to you about it. Hope I helped shed some light on it (:

  • You look and sound great to me (except the horror movie part lol, i love horror movies). I agree with the first anon that maybe you come off as unattainable or some girls assume you're already taken.

    Also I know personally with myself when a guy (cute or otherwise) is shy or quiet it makes it hard for me to feel at ease around them because I feel like if I were to try and spark conversation, they may not reply or want to talk to me.

    I'd say just put yourself out there more, try to appear friendlier or more approachable.

    I've been told i have "bitchy resting face" but that the second I smile i look like the happiest person alive, so I tend to try to crack jokes and smile more, so people know I'm a happy person haha.

    These are just my guesses though, I'm going through the exact same thing as you

  • No your fine sweetie sometimes girls are dumb when it come to guys. They want a guy that been in some shit rather than the books. Its not you its the girls, you continue being you and a girl of quality will definitely give you the time of day. Good luck, Sir.

  • Not being judgemental. . But you look like you are gay. In all seriousness. I think its your hair?

  • I'm in exactly the same position as you are.
    I don't think it's because you’re not attractive and don't have appealing qualities (seriously, I wish I knew you, because we would get along SO well!)
    I'm an introvert as well, and I know that I'm extremely guarded, and my friends say that I come off as unattainable. Maybe you're the same way?
    You sound pretty amazing!


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