Is he bad for me?

I'm dating this guy online... I know I know, you probably think its stupid. but we've been together for two years and we really love each other. I care about him more than absolutely anyone... but despite how much I love him I can't help but think that he's not good for me. he's had sort of a crappy life, his dad hits him, his mom kicked him out, his grandma kicked him out, now he convinced his mom to let him live back home again. he drinks and parties every night and does coke... even though he said that he stopped because it upset me, and he said that I'm more important to him than anyone and if it makes me upset then he'll stop doing it. but I can't help but think that when we're not talking he does it because he knows he can get away with it without me finding out. if we were talking while he was doing coke I would be able to tell because I know him and his personality changes a lot when he's doing it. but if we're not talking why wouldn't he do it if he knew I wouldn't find out? I guess I should trust him.. but its hard. I really do love him but I can't help but think that he's not good for me and if we ever did meet these problems would ruin our relationship.


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  • 2 years is a long time. does he live any where near you or was there just never an opportunity for you to get together? he sounds like he has a lot of problems and issues. drugs usually don't help that. some people just can't handle coke. he said he quit, but he probably thinks that he can get away with it and just play it off like he's done with it, because you 2 just do the online thing. or maybe he did quit and he's just edgy. just keep things the way they are and see if you can tell any improvement or difference in his attitude. but I wouldn't move forward with things yet. just keep things the way they are, and do what you can to help him feel better. I don't know much about relationships so I don't know if my advice is of any use. hope I was helpful though. good luck : )

  • You have two sided situations:

    1)If you really want him then force him to change his lifestyle.A girl or women can do anything if they are determined about it.Still you have to give more time to him.

    2)If you think relationship should be guided by easy way then,

    Suffer his lifestyle and have faith on GOD.

    Although you have a right thinking nothing more needed with it. Trust



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