What type of guy is he? URGENT!?

he's 30. I thought he was a sober and humble person but it does not seem like he is.
He is TV actor acting for 6 years. Till 2013 nov, he was not popular & nobody knew him or even cared.

He was part of 3 movies, all flops. All his TV soaps did fairly well but he remained unnoticed.
Now he is in a mythological show and has received popularity and fanbase among teenage girls.

So this guy pretends to be simple/honest. He hails from a rural village, said he didn't know how to speak English & learnt to speak fluently by watching English channels and books.

I dont get how a person can learn English from tv channels when he can barely understand?

I also notice that he always exposes his chest by keeping his shirt buttons left open. Even in TV shows or in real life. Always wears aviators.

He also has number 1 in all his social media accounts. His name means ego. He is nice looking and is talented no doubt, but he thinks highly of himself. Even said he wants to be one of the best actors of the world.

On social media, he only talks to his girl fans, not talking about himself but asking them how they are, they missed him or he puts up his photos while shooting etc.

He blabbers in English all the time especially in public & always mentions how he is from a rural village.

He even said he had a degree in engineering & had a job but was selected while doing acting courses. Job+ acting courses?

Currently he has no GF but has female friends. He sounded romantic to him when he said he liked a tragic romantic movie about 2 lovers from different religion. He also liked a very intimate song which I dislike.

He won an award but was very calm and composed throughout the party instead of shouting, cheering or jumping like all the other actors. He has a select group of friends.

He said a few years back that he likes to stay indoors, craves nothing in life & no place is his favourite in particular.

What type of guy?


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  • >I know him personally

    No you don't, you crazy person.


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  • Hell you could probably tell us better than we could LOL!! Is he like a celebrity crush or something?

  • You're back! With your bullshit question about some celebrity you're fixated on, and aren't connected to in ANY way shape or form!

    I guess your meds didn't take, or more likely, you've never sought treatment for your insane obsessions.

    • go away fool. this is a genuine question.

    • Sure it is! That's why you ask it so regularly on every web board your fat little typing fingers can reach. It's been what, about 2 years now you've been asking variations on this?

      You crazy person you...

    • hahahahaha 2 years bawwllllll

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  • Do you actually know this guy or is it somebody you've read about?