How should I start a conversation with him?

I am still in love with my ex.
We were casually seeing each other for a few months (when i moved back) after we broke up (because of distance). This has stopped now because he said that he didn't want a relationship with anyone right now and because he cares for me didn't want to use my affections when he wasn't giving me a relationship in return.
He went back to his home town for a few weeks and the other day he said he wanted his invite for my 21st in person because he missed me.
This was after I had told him i wanted to be the best friend i could be and not cause trouble and he had replied with 'i care for you more than you know!'
I haven't spoken to him since.
I want him back, but at the least be a good friend to him, but i find it really hard starting off a conversation (i think because there is so much pressure), once we get going you can't shut us up though.
What should I say?


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  • I like outspoken girls very much and I think you have to be outspoken and say what you want.


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  • You should say "So, when could we meet up? I would like to give you your invitation. :)"
    Im assuming you haven't had the party yet?