Is this guy interested in me or am I just one of many he talks to?

Met a guy out 1-2 weeks ago. He works full time monday-fri. he has been wanting to catch up with me last weekend on Sunday during the day but i could not. he has been messaging me everynight around 10-11pm asking how my day was. the conversation is nothing special though. ends pretty quickly. he asked me to catch up again this weekend. I am like sure when and he was like how about Sunday for coffee. Does this mean he does not want to go on a proper dinner date with me? does this mean he isn't that interested in me he couldnt possibly give up a night to see me?


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  • A lot of people aren't interested in a dinner date, I can't think of anything worse than a dinner date and you say he works all week. If he's up early and works all day, then he probably gets home in the evening and is worn out after work, so just chills, goes to bed and repeats the cycle.

    Also if he wasn't interested in you he wouldn't keep asking you out. Cut the guy some slack.

    • i have been played a lot. so its hard for me to see now genuine interest or faked interest.

    • Don't punish a new guy in your for the mistakes of the old one's. Wipe the slate clean and give this new guy a chance.

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