Questions about girls and rejection?

Okay, here's my question, which I don't really know how to ask, so I guess. See, my ENTIRE life, I have been rejected by (people in general, but that's a different story for a different day) girls. See, I didn't even really care until the last couple of ones I had to deal with, because I finally realized, it's driving me completely insane. See, I'm trying to understand, why I get rejected in the ways I do. The first girl, well, she screwed me over in some long, stupid game of hard to get, yes, we went on a couple dates, she'd not like me when I gave her attention, and would chase me when I ignored her, to the point that I got sick of her crap and stopped talking to her. The second girl never directly rejected me, instead dating some other guy. The final one, was some girl I just met, that apparently elected to give me her phone number, only to ignore me, I guess to prove a point. Now, I have many questions. One, how am I expected to be not bitter, and half insane after these (and these are just the rejections most on my mind) rejections? So, let me see, I got used, treated like an idiot, and discarded, and I'm supposed to build confidence from that, because, apparently, you need to confidence to get a girlfriend, and in the bizarre world women live in, you can magically have it despite things happening that would destroy most people's confidence. Second, why lead guys on, I mean seriously, one girl did her whole "hot and cold" bs, and another one gave me her number, apparently just to reject me, what does that accomplish, you honestly think you're not hurting me, you seriously believe I would be your friend after that? Third, why should I not just straight up hate girls, I mean, I honestly don't care if they're "not all like that" because from my experience, they are, and I know ladies do the same thing to men. Not to mention, apparently I've been told I got rejected because I'm black or something, so, how can I not be bitter again?

Finally, what makes you ladies so sure it "gets better", no, no it really doesn't, that's just trying to give some loser a false hope. I don't care if it's a numbers game, because guys can only get rejected so much and stay sane.
But I guess girls wouldn't understand (or even give me real answers) it's not as if they honestly have to deal with anything I mention, they only inflict pain, they don't receive it, and they definitely don't relieve it. Oh yeah, and won't turn gay.


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  • "See, my ENTIRE life, I have been rejected by (people in general, but that's a different story for a different day) girls. "

    You're not even 18 yet, and most kids don't start approaching girls to ask them out until they are hitting puberty... so your overly dramatic "ENTIRE LIFE" is what, a few years at best? Big swinging deal.

    "yes, we went on a couple dates," - Then you were not rejected your entire life. Geez, there are guys in their 20's who would sell their left nut for a date.

    "how am I expected to be not bitter, and half insane after these"
    By being a fucking grown up, stop being so melodramatic, and deal with the world as it is, not as you claim it is.

    "I got used, treated like an idiot, and discarded, and I'm supposed to build confidence from that,"
    Bollox. No one ever said that's where you should get confidence from. Confidence is a river with many source tributaries... If your confidence has only one source, it WILL dry up.

    "Second, why lead guys on," Because girls are scared. Too scared to be honest, in those cases. They are too scared to say No.

    "why should I not just straight up hate girls"
    Because you're not 8 years old anymore? Do you go through life hating every guy that wouldn't be your friend? Or every employer that won't give you a job?

    You sound pathetic.

    • Okay, good point, more like, every time I tried hitting on girls.

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  • There are guys who treat girls badly.
    There are girls who treat guys badly.
    Translation: sometimes people treat other people badly.

    Don't make it gender-specific because it's not.

    I think the first girl read WAY too many DOLLY magazines.

    Don't build confidence from experiences with girls. Just have confidence in who you are as a person.

  • You are going after a set af bitches and thats why you rejected I am not going to be nice or sugar coat stuff. Girls are giels somw are bitches some are angels somw are demons thay look like amgels in your situation you likw the wrong set of girls.

  • I can sympathize I guess. But there are just shitty people in general. I don't know why you would just assume there aren't guys out there who do the same things if not worse. Plenty of girls get their heartbroken over guys who don't call, start an actual relationship and ghost them, men who say they want them but never admit they only want sex. So they use you, discard you, date someone else in front of your face, never call. This can happen to anyone. Stop pitying yourself and start making sure it doesn't happen again. Maybe choose better people or only commit to women you have seriously vetted. But either way, saying all women are going to treat you the same way just guarantees it will happen again. Weird how that works


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  • just keep trying that's how:P practice and experience will unlock the wisdom you seek.

    • Yeah, but, I feel like every time I try, I fail, I get my hopes up, only for them to be crushed, and then I feel more depressed than ever.

    • there is something to be learnt from each failure (if you even consider it a failure), I would actually just call them experiences. the more experience you gain the more knowledgeable you will become, the stronger you shall grow.

  • Have you ever watched that movie, War Games?

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