Intuition or I'm I assuming the worse?

Okay so I started dealing with this guy , we had a bad argument stop speaking for almost a week. But consent arguing through text. Long story short we got back on good terms (sorta) my gut is telling me someone else have his attention that I use to have , things not the same no more he use to call all day all night. Not no more we will be together all day everything will be fine thing the next day he outta site outta mind don't hear from him. Than when I question his actions he TRY to use reverse psychology that I'm crazy or starting with him. In my presence he text on his phone but will tell me it's a friends or sis (the fake kind) I decided to tell him I'm not interested in dealing with anyone who deals with other people and put him on my block list. Did I over react or my gut instinct is right? It's somebody else but I'm a week time that was fast?


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  • You know the relationship is pretty bad when you use 'dealing with' to describe it.


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