I need help with a guy! it's kinda complicated!?

okay so me and my guy friend have been friends for years! are family's are really close, so we go on vacations and stuff together. well we have been on and off for like a year but never dated we just were talking. but finally I said we will go our separate ways. but I'm in love with him. and he said he loves me and always will. but now he's talking to this other girl. is there a way I can get him back? there is a local teen dance that every one goes to and he will be there. he always asks me to slow dance with him could I maybe kiss him on the cheek or something?
what is a major turn on for you guys out there?


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  • You have history with Him, More so than any tom, dick or harry he would meet tomorrow, sweetie. Time to quit snoozing and get cruising and----Fight for your man Now before some other Charley gets in there and snatches him away under your nose.
    Ask him if he would like to attend this dance with You on his arm. Make your move to dance the nite away. Yes, kiss him on the cheek, just Act With Something. More importantly, After the fact, before the nite ends, have a long serious soulful talk with him and start laying your cards on the table. It's your future, your decision... Make the choice...
    If someone works hard enough to fight for something, it just may be worth their time And----For you, the rest of your More 'Years with him and the close families.'
    You both have a bond. Don't let anyone break it. It's too special. Mother Nature is talking to you. She will sow the seeds that you wish to reap, but she needs your help. Don't let him go like---------Gone with the Wind.
    Good luck. xx

    • thank you!

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    • do you mind looking at my other question and tell me what you think about it?

    • I would love to, but u need to tell me Where to look or send me a link if u want to follow me... There are sooo many hundreds of questions with each Title like Dating, guy's behavior, divorce and breaking up... xx

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  • our family's are really close* sorry I had to do that:P hahahah anyways well if he's already talking to another girl then he's trying to move on from you and if you keep trying to get him back you might further push him away. if he's already made up his mind there won't be anything you can do. but you will never know unless you try, so yeah I totally fucking contradicted myself:P hahahah go with your gut! if you want something, then go and get it!

    • well he dose like me! but he also likes this other girl.

    • that's what im sayin! he obviously still likes you but is in the process of getting over you by liking this other girl and if he already has made up his mind to get over you for good then you can't change that.

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