She said she's trying to be friends, but we've dated already?

So I've went out with this girl on 2 dates , and up until then they all went well and we even kissed. but after the 2nd date her work and school schedule became really busy and becasue of that she said we should be friends. I think she still has feeling for me and it seems like we even got closer... maybe i dont feel as much pressure now when talking to her because of us being "friends" but im just wondering how should i handle this? Just wait a couple weeks before asking her to hang out with me because i have a pretty strong feeling she still likes me particualry because she still answers my texts and her responses are longer now, there's almost never a one , two, or 3 word response. And she's already indicated we will be hanging out when she goes to college but how should i handle this , keep doing what I've been doing and also now that we are "friends" should i text her a little more or still text her every 1-3 days or so?


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  • Hey if you don't like her give her less attention so she would take a hint. Cause it seem to me that she really likes you. But for me when i think of a guy as a friend i tend to be really close but when really like a guy i ran away. Text her less and you go out with her invite one of your girlfriends


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  • keep your same pattern. Or pull back.

    • alright ill just wait in bewtween days since we talk way more now and we are a lot closer, just got to get in the habit of talking on the phone with her now

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