I want a relationship, but I'm not necessarily lonely or desperate. Is there a relatively easy way for me to find a guy that's actually worth my time?

As an individual, I'm very happy and proud of myself and who I am. I'm finally to the point where I can really say I love myself. I've been ready to share myself and love someone else for a while, and have done some dating, but the handful of guys I've talked to/dated either don't last long, don't go anywhere, or abruptly lose interest/cut contact with me but won't tell me why and suck at communicating what they really think/feel about me.

There's a large female-male ratio at my college, no men working where I have my internship, and I don't like going to bars. I feel like the social/night life scene in my area is limited. These are some reasons why I've tried online dating, where I've found most of the guys I've dated,

I'm sick of being played and going out with guys who seem great and interested in me for a while but gradually turn for the worse. What are the best ways to find some guys who will actually be straightforward about their intentions and not play with my feelings?


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  • The more of the opposite sex you meet the wiser will you become about them and about yourself. Finding someone special usually takes time because you are unique and special people (meaning people ideally suited to you) are rare. Given the circumstances you describe, you are doing well to meet people at all, so you must be doing the right things.

    You do not appear to have much free time, but I might suggest joining groups or clubs which interest you. Starting conversations with attractive males may be a bit intimidating and you would have to be cautious, but learning the right social skills might help. You don't like the club scene, but that's where the guys are; maybe you could go with girlfriends and avoid drinking there.

    Meeting people requires taking risks. You can't really know a person until you interact with him. Finding someone who appeals to your unique personality means that the more of them you meet the greater become your chances of meeting someone who will make you happy.

    I hate that word patience. But every single person, I am sure, goes through a period of despair of ever meeting a nice partner. Nature does its work, though, and eventually humans match up with each other. That's why we're all here.


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  • This may sound weird, but see if the women in their family are aggressive.

    Chances are, they'll respect women more.


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