In a year I have been rejected by 54 women!! For the most part I am not even hitting on them!?

During this year and last year I have been rejected by about 50 plus women. When I say this I mean women I know have talked to for some time and they pull out the friend speech and then never talk to me again.
Most of the girls I am not even interested in but about 4 I have been and those are the 4 which have been worst, not because I cared about the rejection but the way they decided on doing it.
One girl called me undesirable, I look like the hunchback and am mean. Another basically played me, led me on and then choose another man with the, "I didn't mean to hurt you..." Another one basically created situations for her to fight with me and then disappeared and started dating my cousin.
Now all these women claimed to be my friends. Maybe that is the mistake I make. I like people I get to know, and apparently I am really a horrible person so I am not dating material.
Maybe I am writing this because I am in a low part of my life. I have been treated badly in the realm of romance, while in my country. Once out I can find women who are attracted to me. That might be what really is bothering me...
anyway, I was wondering what might be the reasons for so many women, which I am not even hitting on, to all reject me in such a blatant way. It almost feels like they never really cared.


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  • Maybe you aren't aggressive enough. As weird as it sounds if you make it really apparent that you are interested romantically than its either a yes or a no. Not a let's be friends. And if they aren't interested simply learn how to not care. Most guys have got that down pack. Girls are terrible and never miss an opportunity to lead a guy on and try to use them. So if you try to go the friend route at winning their heart they can get you more emotionally invested and that's never good if she doesn't want to date you. And don't talk to people you aren't trying to hit on because all girls assume when you start up conversation you probably are interested.

    • thanks... I never considered to generalize in that way. it makes sense. I should change my approach and if I am attracted to her I should go for it and maybe in time I might like her. Thanks :)

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  • Really? So you personally knew most of these women for "some time"? Wtf? You knew 50 women personally?

    • well, yes. classmates, people I hang out with. for a couple of years actually. Is it too many people? Or do you want specifics on how well I knew them?

    • Maybe you shouldn't ask out like what? A woman a week?

    • LOL!! no not really like that. for example. you know people since high school and places you have been. You never lose contact with them and you keep talking to them. Now normally friends ask each other to go out and spend some time together. during those moments is when the rejections come. It is not really me asking out women. LOL! (technically it is) but as spending some time to catch up. Only 4 I actually invited in a straight up date.

  • The fuck? How do you get rejected without hitting on someone?

    • don't know... well maybe it's culture I am from Puerto Rico and dating here is very different from the states and eurppe. I just asked friends out to spend time together but they apparently took it as dates and rejected me.

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    • maybe... although it is unfair. I didn't even know I was in the game. :P thanks for the opinion... I really need another perspective. it would bring anyone down to be rejected so many times in such a short time. by people you thought had some consideration to your feelings

    • Yeah maybe your approach is all wrong. I don't know, research it more maybe! Best of luck!

  • How are you going about in approaching these women?

    • The ones I am actually interested, I just act normal I guess. talk to them, befriend them. Although I show I am interested from the beginning, I like to tease as in have some fun. I try and break the touch barrier, touching their shoulder.
      But if you mean at the start at the first interaction. I guess it is just saying hello my name is... and getting to know the person. If I have something in common with her I guess I start talking about that. That is why I am used to befriending them because I might find a person attractive but I don't like them. Don't know what else might describe me approaching women. I do try and spend some time with women I am interested. going to the theater, or just watching a movie , even having coffee.

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    • ok, yes the best presentable self. thanks I have not tried online dating yet. maybe I will have a different turn out. people in websites are looking for something so the intentions are already displayed. I will consider the meetme website then. Thanks

    • I love online dating you can get to know some ones personality before their looks. So you can chat online then chat on phone then meet in person you really get an edge. I've done it.

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  • You need to change bro

    • how so? change what?

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    • "do you know the definition of insanity?" if you don't, it's to try the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. I am clearly lost of ideas and that is why I am resorting to asking strangers.
      is it pathetic to try and better oneself? or do you mean the action of worrying about why women find it so easy to reject me?

    • Listen. I'm a guy so if u want to listen go ahead. But maybe women reject you because, here's an example, you lack confidence. What u should do is not even worry about the girls that rejected u because its over with them, so now u need to worry about ways to improve and be more apealing to women.