Is it normal that I feel nervous? Dos and don'ts on first dates?

I'm 16 and I just kinda got asked out on one of my first dates.
I'm just nervous but in an exciting way!
Are their any dos and don'ts on your first date?
I'm worried but not to much.


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  • Yes it is normal to be nervous!
    Be yourself.
    Be confident.
    Smell nice! (No one wants a smelly date)
    Ask a lot of questions, this really helps get the conversation going and helps you guys get to know each other!
    Have fun!

    Don't: Overthink.
    Drown yourself in makeup or perfume (I know that I said to smell nice but please don't overdo it)


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  • Well if you like the guy make him work a little bit find out what his likes and dislikes are and don't make it along date try to keep it short like a movie and maybe some ice cream after

    • I don't know what were doing yet but I was thinking a movie sounded nice! By make him work a bit do you mean don't be easy?

    • Yea question him find out what he likes and doesn't like but don't be pushy. Just kinda go with the flow don't let him make the hole night about you and the stuff that you like. Make it like a give and take thing where he asks 1 question then you ask. That way you learn about him and his past and he learns about you and your past. I don't mean easy as in sexsually but you don't want to do that either

  • Honestly pretend that guys your regular friend until the end where you should start getting into kissing and stuff
    Don't be nervous
    Don't freak out
    Just be yourself


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