He hasn't been in a serious relationship. I have though, help!!?

So i been in 3 Long Term relationships. Commitment was there but they cheated on me after 2yrs for some hotter girl etc etc. I treated them well but they wanted someone hotter, they dated, after a few months they realized i was better and all asked me back. Overall, it was heartbroken so many times and. im just fed up. However, i do wanna be in a REAL serious relationship, as in, i want a guy who has been in a relationship before so he can learn from experience like i have. This guy I'm talking to is pretty big. (Fat and not really attractive) i fee like because I've been hurt so much I feel like i don't deserve someone hot anymore. Then again looks don't really matter at all to me. I like him butthe fact that i would have to date someone who hasn't really been arrelationship before really really bothers me. He said he flirted and talked to some girl, and had some 2 wks dates but that's it. He Could also be lying just to not make him look bad. What do you think? He's a yr older than me. We met though an EMS/EMT class. We became friends and now we just talking. So we both heading into their medical field. He's 20 almost 21. I'm 19 almost 20


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  • I would give him a chance. Even though he hasn't been in a relationship doesn't mean he's like the men you have dated before. Not to generalize, but the fact that he's not attractive and hasn't had a relationship probably means he will be more committed to the relationship. He's probably dealt with rejection and yearned for a stable relationship, so he might put more effort into it to make it last. Just a thought.

    • Yeah that's exactly what i thought BUT i also don't re7 wanna be in a relationship. Yes i sayi do but he's knew he's gonna be clingy. I have no time for clingy. I want a reasonable yetsoacefull. Relationship where we both can do our own thing but love each other (committed) idk. Im just scared to hurt him since he's new. And i don't want him to go through what is been through... though he is a guy i don't want him to feel unworthy or something

  • It's a good opportunity to mold him into your perfect boyfriend. Think about it.

    • No i don't wanna do that. I wanna grow from him too, i don't wanna be the dominant girl amymore. Im always dominant sometimes i just need someone to take. control without me saying it/ suggesting. Its. ljke a senior dating a freshman not that bright that you have to slowly teach i want someone on my "level" or higher.

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    • Lol I'm still debating i might just see how he acts like.. When he makes a move. Ima let himmake all the. moves to see hhow open he is about all this. Cuz he knows i like him.. i call him babe, and cute and we text legit 24/7 so... yeah.

    • Ok ok keep playing your games. Just let him down gently if it doesn't work out.

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