Second semi-date; suggestions for moving the romance along please?

So I went out with my guy friend as kind of a 'trial' hang out with just the two of us. He picked me up and we went to coffee, just sitting and talking, teasing each other most of the time but also talking about things like travel, family etc. and it was nice.

However, before we went on the 'date' (but it was more friendly than anything more), we were very indecisive about where we wanted to go etc. and it made it a bit awkward. I texted him afterwards and told him I'd be open to us hanging out again if he was but no pressure (we've told each other we liked one another, and we've kissed before etc. but this was kind of the first step towards doing anything about it and he's been hesitant about the whole thing, worried about losing the friendship)

He agreed to going out again next week and told me it was my turn to make the decisions this time, and I agreed. Now I'm having a hard time deciding!

As it's still early on, I don't want to do the whole movie thing so that we can still talk etc. and it won't feel pressured to be a real date. I was thinking about going to the local park for a walk, it's got a nice water view and some mangroves, a cafe etc. Would that be okay? And also, I really want to kiss him/do something romantic and I'm okay with initiating it (I'm by no means shy), but are there any suggestions for starting up a romantic/cute conversation? Or any suggestions for leading the park walking into a situation that would allow for cuddling/kissing?


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  • Really he should shouldn't play games with the "you decide" move, but I guess tradition is going out of the window with the guy taking the lead! I'd go bowling and then maybe go for dinner afterwards (nothing fancy, family restaurant) and then he can drive you home and cuddle outside the door. Boom!

    • I don't blame him for telling me it was my turn to decide, he was the one to choose last time :P But yes I've mainly been the one to take the lead on this one because he is overly cautious about the whole thing, and I'm more open to seeing how things go (which he knows). Bowling does sound fun! It's been a day since we went out, when do you think I should text him to organise our 'date' for next week?

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    • Yeah I know, I was going to wait another two days but I guess tomorrow would be alright. Thanks for your help.

    • Most certainly welcome :) May your endeavours have great success!

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  • Picnic. Sunset. By the water. Nuff said


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  • Maybe go to a nice museum. Usually museums have park/grass areas on the property where people lay in the grass and eat and chit chat. Or they have cafes and quiet secluded places to sit and enjoy each others company.

    • That does sound nice! Any suggestions for how to initiate a somewhat intimate conversation?

    • Tell him that you love spending time with him.

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