Used to love person A, now dating person B for a few weeks but still have feelings for person A after a year and a half of trying to get over him?

Okay, Well this is a first time being Anon, don't want to be recognized in case person B goes looking around with my username and find's my account.

From age 12 I started liking this guy whom was my best friend for two years prior. I kept it a huge secret until I moved away about an hour's distance from him at age 16, and school, work, and his always having a girlfriend kept me from confessing.

Still 16 I end up finding a point where he was single and he has said before that he was bi (just for the record,) but he said it was only because that he once found another man attractive in such a way.

I basically asked him out, without any real confession and he told me no and that "I'm rockin the single life" and then the following week gets an out-of-state girlfriend that he "loves" (I read some of his texts, we cool like that even after the intentionally friendship-ruining question i popped on him) and then they have a 'falling out' the next month. They 'dated' for about 2 months.

I thought about a second attempt but by the time I was going to we were texting and he tells me about how he got back together with his ex from 3 years ago. They have now dated 3 times and he has cheated on her (once).

Age 17 rolls around, It has now been a year and a half since I asked him out, he relatively knows the extent to which I liked him but only that it had begun when I was 12. Not how fully-fledged a love it was.

I had gotten the thoughts of him out of my head and now I have a girlfriend of a few weeks. I really like her a lot but now that my emotions have been drug out of their coffin that I had them sit in so that I would get over person A, I have begun again to have feelings for him again.

I could never get with him no matter how much I wanted to, I suppose my question is, any idea's on getting over him again other then trapping my emotions up and blocking person B off from my emotions (I really do like her a lot,) but thoughts of him keep intruding on my

Feelings for her, Any idea's on what I should do to either A get over him so I can pay more attention to her, or just give a general opinion. Whatever floats your criminal boat.


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  • I say you need to stop talking to person a for awhile until he's out of your head, focus on person b while you're taking a break from person a. After you feel like you're over person a a bit more than you were, you can talk to him again if you choose to. If you find yourself missing person a, write down the reasons and save them, once you're almost over person a or completly over person a, look back at them and tell yourself all the reasons you were wrong about missing person a for these reasons. That's what I did while getting over my ex-boyfriend


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