Outdoorsy date followed by dinner... what do I wear?

So its our 2nd date, been waiting a long time for this after our first date went horrifically..

He suggested bringing me somewhere pretty during day, he lives in a pretty scenic area so I know its gonna be outdoorsy...(also rain forecasted!!) And then to heading for dinner after..
really confused what to wear... heels and dress are definitely out!!

Any ideas girls or guys?

thanks xx


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  • considering guys like spontaneous women I say show up naked...


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  • Nice jeans and sneakers. You may want to bring a change of socks and shoes to wear for dinner if you're concerned about rain.

    Wear a nice sleeveless top for dinner with a button-down long-sleeved shirt over the top that you can take off after the outdoors part of the date. Have a waterproof jacket to wear for the outdoors part, and a nice cardigan in your bag to wear for the dinner part.

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