How long could I wait to ask a lady out?

I mean right after I chatted up with her if I just met her, ask for her number then ask her out? Or wait out like weeks or a month of talking and texting her then i ask her out? The problem is I don't want to be seen as desperate or too eager I'm afraid I'll come off strong and be off putting.. so do I wait or ask her out on the moment I met her? Girls and guy help out thanks

Should I wait after I get to know her better in a non date situation or just ask her out already?


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  • Don't wait, it's frustrating. Take it by the balls and ask her out in a fun flirty way

    • I should just go for it huh? The only thing that stops me is the feeling of moving to fast I don't know

    • Just do it. Life's too short. And us girls get frustrated waiting and waiting

    • Good to know it's no biggie

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  • Wait a week after talking for a little bit and getting to know her a little bit and allowing her to get to know you

    • Yeah that's what I was thinking about to get to know eachother better and then go out.

What Guys Said 1

  • Ask her out after a month or so...

    • That long? Ooooy not that same day I meet this girl? Does that seem too fast?

    • You can shorten it but make sure she's ready