My best guy friend acts so strange now?

I have met this guy online become really good friends. We are friends for 2 years now and both of our family also become friends. His family and friends thinks we are dating but we are not. I love this guy and told him recently, 2-3 months ago, but, he said he love me only as a friend. Now, he started to act so differently, stopped talking about other girls, especially about his ex. Asked me whether he can call me "honey" and asking whether he can kiss me and brings sex in our talks. And asks me whether i like this kind of guy or that kind of guy. And sometimes he ignores me completely, no visits, no calls or texts. I am confused now.


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  • It seems like he likes you but is trying to hide it or not let you see it. He might've a little freaked out at the fact that you told him you loved him. You could probably ask him (not coming off to strong) if he has some feelings for you.

    • I thought the same, but, i dont know how to ask him that.

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    • Sounds good! Let me know what happens!

    • Yesterday, we had a conversation about marriage and long term relationship, a general one. And he said he is not planning to have a gf or wife in his life. So, i think there is no point of asking him that question anymore, i got the message, he just want to flirt and have no feelings for me.

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