Meeting guys friends for the first time?

i have been dating this guy for awhile and his friends have wanted to meet me, he as fussy at first about them meeting me but now has asked me to meet them! i'm really nervous about meeting them! there more hipster and into hipster girls and im more girly! i like pop music they like heavy metal and music like that! i'm really scared about meeting them i have never had meet a guys friends before because normally we have the same friends! what if his friends don't like me? i have no idea how to start a chat up or anything!


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  • Most guys who are like that are 1) fake 2) little annoying... you're best option in my opinion is to try and find mutual things, they may deny that they like 'my little pony' at first but they're probably all bronies... guys like that are hard to understand but try hard ask you're boyfriend what they like and dis-like before you get there


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