Sexy ladies: How long is it acceptable to be pursued after a very very brief encounter, in which you gave your number?

Sexy ladies: You meet a guy on the weekend, but briefly as in a minute max, and you give him your number. The call/text comes in days later, when you're back to reality, the daily grind or whatever...

Not going to ask you why why why, but how long?-

HOW LONG and what intensity of texts/calls does it take before you reply and accept a meet up?

Or do you give your number out as some kind of temporary loss of inhibitions or flattery at being asked for it, which you later regret?

OR do you just wait to see if some magic words are spoken at the other end of the line, before you decide? (If so, what are those words;-) think fast!)

Wow- okay, sorry... just 'Those who happen to be female'... fill the blank with whatever you prefer... please answer the question for the sake of humankind though...


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  • He can write me whenever he want's, if I like him I'll write back, and if I don't like him, I won't. The only thing he can do is wait, and then he'll know if Im interested. Thats probably not the right way to do it, but thats how I do. I get really annoyed if he doesn't get the hint and keeps calling and writing me.


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  • first of the fact that this is for sexy women is humorous there is no way you can judge someone's beauty over the internet if they don't have a picture of themselves up second it depends on the girl seriously some 'sexy women' are bat crap crazy while others aren't my advice test the waters with each 'sexy women' you get a number from

  • 1) the use of sexy is downgratinting
    2) the length of texts doesn't matter its what he says
    3) don't seem desperate... that's gross... do light flirtting
    4) normally I don't give out my phone number unless I wanna talk to him... I usually do regret it though
    5) the words vairy for every girl
    Happy texting


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