What is your opinion on "abstinence till marriage"?

From an economics stand point, it makes sense.

If the girl happens to get pregnant, then you should be okay.
It seems that most people are married by their 30's, or later.

By that time, one could assume that both partners have their life together, therefore meaning they would be ready both emotionally and financially to have children.

Realistically, it sounds kind of hard to actually do.

Of course, if you love every person, before you have sex with them, it shouldn't be too big an issue, right?

There is of course the more religious type, who simply refuses to have sex till marriage.

What is your opinion?

Would you abort?

  • I'd rather be ready for the unexpected, so wait till marriage
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  • I'm religious, so wait till marriage
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  • I'm too horny, so screw abstinence
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  • I think my boyfriend would be a good father, so not sure
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for D:

I wouldn't mind fathering the child of my girlfriend

for D:

The kind of guy I would go that far with, would be a good father.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I voted C.

    I value sex too much, and I don't see it as being a roadblock to a good marriage if it's being had premaritally.

    • The implication behind C is casual sex.

    • Not for me, it's not.

      Forgoing abstinence doesn't necessarily mean sleeping around casually. It CAN mean that, but it doesn't have to.

    • "I'm too horny"
      Perhaps I should have made that more clear...
      I designed D, as the choice for people who only have sex with those they feel in love with.

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What Girls Said 7

  • When I was younger it sounded like a good idea. What a fairytale would that be.

    Right now, there are to many hormones. Too many!

  • It's a personal choice, though I really don't see the point. My best friend is doing it and I support her. Just not my thing so I choose C haha

    • Just to let you know, I kinda designed C as the casual sex option.

  • It's a personal decision and even though it's not for me, people shouldn't be made fun of for it.

  • I would prefer to wait until marriage.

  • I should give my virginity to who i think is ready with me. Doesn't mean till marriage

  • Sex is important before marriage

    • Well if you would already say "yes", than that pretty much counts as marriage.

    • sex is actually quite important before marriage. studies have revealed that those who wait until after marriage to have sex are more likely to divorce. :o

    • Would you pick D or C?
      btw, I kinda designed C as the casual sex option.

  • I didn't answer on of the options because I think it can be a good choice for some people, but not for others. I respect anyone who waits until marriage, I just don't think it's for me. I'm actually still a virgin, but it's because I'm waiting for the right guy. But I don't need to marry him to have sex with him.

    • Would you pick D?

    • Well, I'm definitely not ready to have a kid, so I would use a condom and the pill, but if something went wrong, yes, I think the guy would make a good father.

What Guys Said 7

  • I agree with it, but not for religious reasons. As you mentioned, economic reasons do come into play. Frankly, the pros for marriage outweigh the cons, and if you to love each other, it shouldn't be an issue!

  • I think that is the best way. I don't judge people who don't. I have had sex outside of marriage and I have dated girls that wanted to wait. I respect that.

  • lol a girl who waits til her 30s to find a husband is the kind of girl who spends her 20s being a raging slut

    why would you wana marry a girl like that?

    • ... good question

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    • lol how can you possibly believe that? their bodies are starting to sag and fall apart from nubile perfection. don't drink the coolaid

      the only reason libtarded dogma can rationalize a woman in her 30 are "in their prime" is b/c they get super horny which is, biologically, their bodies trying to get pregnant since infertility and a dried up rusty baby factory is right around the corner

    • I didn't say I believed. I'm just not discounting it, at least not until I understand the biology.

  • If it works for a couple good for them. It's not a path I would choose though.

  • Abstinence is boooring.

  • I prefer to try before I buy. To me, great sex is an enormously important part of a great relationship and I will not take the chance of ending up married to a dud. And let's face it... there are a lot of duds among the sexually repressed US population. I can't imagine anything worse than a being stuck for life with a woman who has a low libido, is not sexually adventurous or, for example, won't take it up the ass.

  • fuck abstinence.

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