Will he appreciate it? there's a poll too?

I know he likes me and i like him too. I wanna go up to him and talk to him about it. Straight out. No games. Will he appreciate it? Will he be happy if ill come up to him?

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  • Do it! If you know he likes you and you like him back what is there to lose?

    • I dont know how to start the conversation... :/ The thing is, im out of town untill the 17th and i won't see him untill. I dont want to tell him " i need to talk to you " and make him wait 2 weeks... I think ill wait till i come back and then tell him. Face to face. What do you think?

    • Sounds good to me. I think waiting is definitely a good idea. Face to face is always a good thing. I wish you the best of luck! I'm sure he'll be really happy.

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  • No one here can answer that. What does your intuition tell you? You're a woman, you have it, I'm told. Use it!

    • The way he looks at me, his friends keeps talking to me about him..

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  • Just be careful, some people can get freaked out if there is too much directness. I would start by being very nice to him and maybe ask him to do something together. Most guys would understand what it means and not need a "second invitation", if they are interested. If he really does like you it should go naturally from then on.
    My opinion. :)