Have you ever been at peace with yourself?

Ever just been so at peace with yourself, you only have you to worry about, not in love, no heartaches no heartbreaks.
You feel empty and you feel good, but at the same time you are afraid of going out there to meet new guys cause you dont want to fall in love and feel those "feelings" again because being at peace with yourself is so great.

I went on a type of date , walk thing with a guy on Monday and he was so sweet and we had fun, i asked him if he was interested to meet again and he replied "sure thing! ill let you know if i have time inbetween my trip to the cabin and my trip this weekend".. well he hasn't said anything.. and this was on Monday and yes i know he probably didn't have time so he didn't say anything?
Im afraid of writing him because i want him to want to meet me, instead of me going after him, am i wrong for that? Maybe he will talk to me after this weekend when he is back?

I just dont want to fall into the trap again.. i dont even know if he is interested :p


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  • Your not at peace then. I feel like I'm at peace with myself and I just had a date with a girl that took my virginity cheated on me and gave me an std broke up with me because she wasn't ready for a relationship and then got pregnant and engaged the next month. And I'm not afraid to let her do it all over again. That's peace. Peace is being able to look at the world and just be. Just exist. Just do stuff and let stuff happen. That's peace. Stop running from "the trap" and get curious. See it as something fun to do in life. Meeting people building relationships getting married having kids just different ways to enjoy life before you have to board the train up out of here. Yeah you could get hurt but hey you can get riding in a car to but that doesn't stop you. Get involved with this guy. Try to figure out who and what he is get in there and have fun. Good luck girl!


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  • sometimes at peace with yourself is the safest place to be... when people know you're vulnerable they tend to take advantage of you. why does he get to decide when you're available? when we meet good people we should treat them as such.

    I hope you find the peace of mind you're searching for. don't just sit around and wait for your phone ring... go out and make it happen.

    if you are looking for happiness and it is looking for you you will find each other

  • Yes, mostly at times where i don't have to do any work for a long period of time.


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