Is he hiding me from his mother?

So I have been friends with benefits with a guy for awhile now and lately he has been bringing me around his family we have mutual friends. From my understanding he has been telling our guy friends that I am his girlfriend and telling his family we are just friends. However I have been coming around with him so often that now they call me his girlfriend. he does not correct them I do but they laugh as if I am telling a joke. His mom is another story. I guess I care more than I think but he intentionally makes sure I am not around whenever his mom is around. She knows who I am, I have been friends with this guy since we were in high school. I guess my question is he ashamed to have me around is he hiding me? I have heard she asks about me and talks about me, I know we aren't serious just it bothers me knowing someone might feel the need to hide me. This has never happened before with any guy I have dated or friends I know.


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  • More often than not he is embarrassed of his family, not the other way around. I love my family but they are a special kind of crazy that you want to save until you know she's something special.


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  • If you were a friend with benifits then his friends know and very possibly you have been the blunt of some jokes with him and the boys with mother present.

    If mom want to meet you, it may be because she wants to see what easy looks like.

    A friends with benefits is never a good place to start from.

    • wow thanks for the honesty and an update is we are now together and live together. I am now always invited to family events.

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