Sleeping over at my boyfriends house?

We've only been dating for about a month and he wants me to spend the night. we're both 17. he's a pretty innocent guy and i know he wouldn't do anything i don't want him too but i'm just more afraid of what others will think if they find out. I'm literally going to my boyfriends house to get intimate. not full on sex but probably close. and i really want to do all of those things and i just feel like a slut? why do i feel this way? should i still go over?


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  • If you want to, I say go for it. But if you don't feel comfortable then you aren't ready. You shouldn't feel like a slut for indulging yourself in things you want to do to someone you care about. That's just called caring and lusting for someone. Perfectly fine and wonderful things. You trust him, you want him, so go to him.


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