I like my ex fling's good friend?

I have known this guy for almost four years now. I slept with him about 9 months ago (which was horrible) and we still showed affection for each other for another couple of months or so. This summer we have gone on weekly happy hours which are good and enjoyable a Tnd at times we go out on the weekends with his friends.

Recently, my sister and I met him and his friend which we got along great with. We thought that my sister and his friends were getting along well. However, when I went out with the two guys, me and his friend showed affection and flirting, and we ended up making out. I gave him my number and he texted he instantly. The problem is that my original friend tried to kiss me that night which i said no to. Is this a bad idea to like his good friend? We are planning on not telling him. HELP!!


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  • Its a bad idea to go for his friend. Its a terrible idea to lie to him behind his back about it.