Why is it so hard for him to choose?

My ex and I have been broken up for a couple of weeks (he feels I betrayed his trust) during the time he met somebody. However, him and I still hangout, he says he's not with her yet but she probably thinks they are.. I told him well you cnt have both he txts me. "I know and I feel guilty because I care about her too.. I care about you too but im not completely over everything we went through just yet. I appreciate everything youve shown me and know you've changed for the better but im torn" he's told me before (she's been nice to me and hasn't done anything to hurt me) it sucks because I don't know if I shld appreciate the time we spend together since technically they aren't with each other or leave him.. when I tell him that tho he gets upset.. I know I really hurt him but I don't know what to do... please help


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  • What have you done to hurt him? And why still be with someone if you aren't going yo be his everything? If you walk away and he doesn't chase you, keep walking girl.

    • He feels I was a flirt and disrespecting him.. he is insecure.. lately I can tell he's really battling with it.. he wants me but says that girl hasn't hurt him n he shld be fair n give her a chance Ionce had but him n I have never fully left after the breakup.. he still has feelings for me.. I dnt want to share but I feel like maybe I shld prove to him how much I love him.. or shld I just leave him since he has met somebody. It's so difficult because I know he still has feelings for me.. :(

    • In my opinion, you should walk away. Even though you may have made a mistake, that's no reason to punish you or him. If he really wants you, he'll leave the other girl. If he doesn't leave her, it wasn't meant to be

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