How do I become a hot girl? What do you like?

Is it better if a girl just looks at you and gives you a hot look or if she smiles at you?
Advice on clothes and hair?
Nail polish preference
Makeup preference
Do guys like flower smell or like what kind of perfume?
What colours do you like girls to wear? Pink? White? Grey? etc.
Do you like it when a girl looks at you and blinks a few times or was I lied to lol
thank you so much :)
I'm 18 by the way


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What Guys Said 1

  • Girly clothes, long hair, red lipstick, colour depends on your hair/skin/eye colour whatever suits that, lift some weights and get an hourglass shape body.


What Girls Said 1

  • a nice smile will do the thing... as a start... then you can get into a hottie
    sexy clothes (not too much revealing:will make you look bitchy), wavy hair but it can depends on your taste
    flirty pink color
    try romantic makeup (eyeliner+lipstick).. AVOID SMOKEY MAKEUP (until you really feel comfortable with it)
    feminine perfume... if you choose flower... try vanilla!!! its awesome
    i personally like to wear black, grey
    blinking at random guys is very flirty... if you feel you can do it.. then go for it... i'm 20 by da way lol