Would this confession be creepy or sweet?

I've known this guy for about ten years, in and off. We've just been friends but at one time could have been more. (For a more in depth explanation of our friendship you can go to my last question).

Tonight we are just hanging out, as friends, however I can't stop thinking about how life is short and we're both single, and getting older (he's in his 30s), and if we are ever going to be together it's now or never.

I want to tell him how I feel.
I was thinking something like this, maybe while we are having dinner at his place or over drinks..

"We've known eachother about ten years now, gone through a lot, and dated a lot of other people. I still always find my mind going back to you though. You're the first guy I ever wanted to be with, and we couldn't because I was too young when we met. Now I know it's been a while and we're both different, but I'm always going to wonder if only we tried, could we be something."


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  • Sounds great. Its not too much and its not too little. If he doesn't respond well to this, stab him with a fork.


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  • Sounds fine, best of luck to you.

  • Go for it. Nothing creepy about it.


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