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My ex broke up with me 6 months ago. I'd even met his family a few times but within a few weeks of our break up he had a girlfriend. He introduced her immediately. He split with her a month and half into the relationship by which time he began talking to me again. Three weeks of daily texts and calls with me, sexual and non sexual, he suddenly stopped talking the next day. I waited a week then I found out he was back with the supposed ex girlfriend which explains the sudden no contact. during the time we were talking he'd been making plans with her. I was hurt beyond belief and am still recovering. It has been two months and now he has moved into a house with the girl. I'm heartbroken to know I was used in that way. Situation is worse because we're colleagues and work in the same office which means I am finding it hard to move on. If we didn't work together it would be so much easier to move on.

I just have a few questions?
1. Isn't 5 months too soon to be moving in together considering their break in between? And how soon he moved on from me.
2. Why does he still try to talk to me? He knows I have deleted his number and his mums. We haven't contacted one another since that incident.
3. Is it a rebound relationship?
4. The way I'm feeling will I ever move on


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  • He's using his new girlfriend to get over losing you. Breakups are always stressful no matter who initiated it and it sounds like he just doesn't know how to work through what he's feeling. The relationship will likely not last because 1. he's obviously not committed to her if he came running back to you when they were working things out and 2. they're moving way to fast. Just try you best to move on and don't allow him to contact you ever again. It's not fair that he thinks he can walk in and out of your life whenever he sees fit.


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  • 1. He moved on from you before he left. That's how it works. Nobody leaves someone else until they're ready to move on. Also, no. I've had more than one girlfriend who's wound up living with me within six months.
    2. It's either an ego thing, where he likes to think you still want him, or he's trying to keep you around as backup in case things don't work out.
    3. It is a rebound relationship, but those turn into LTRs about as often as not.
    4. Yes, of course you will. It will take awhile, and it'll hurt in the meantime, but eventually it will start to get better, and you'll meet someone else, and in time you'll have a hard time even remembering your ex's face.

    I would recommend you start looking for another job, just to make things easier on yourself. There's a reason people don't get involved with co-workers.


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