I love my ex but now I am in a relationship?

Please this will be long but I need an answer because I don't know what to do. And if I don't get an appropriate answer I will repost this question until I get one. Three years ago, when I was 14 I dated this guy for more than 8 months but then I broke up with him because my family wouldn't agree. He loved me very much and I know he suffered this breakup a lot. I loved him too, but I had to move on. I remember crying myself to sleep for months and he tried many times to get me back. He tried mostly contacting me through Facebook since we didn't get to see each other. This was until December when he had to deactivate his account for a couple of months. Later, I decided to move on and got myself a bf who is a really nice guy, who loves me unconditionally and who would do everything for me. But unfortunately they are really good friends. I thought I only had eyes for my current bf but a couple of days ago I saw my ex and he caught me looking at him and we saw each other in the eyes for a couple of seconds and in that moment I realized I had never forgotten him and that I love him like so much. But now I don't know what to do. There's this fear that I will hurt my bf if I go back with my ex and mostly I'm afraid their friendship will be ruined. I care about these guys a lot, they both hold a very special place in my heart, but now I'm so confused and I don't know what to do. Can somebody tell me? Should I decide for myself and go for the one I truly love, or should I stay with my current bf so he won't get hurt? Thanks in Advance and please help me!

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  • Never, ever, ever stay with someone because you don't want them to hurt.

    Would YOU want to be with someone who was only with you because they didn't want to hurt you by leaving? Of course you wouldn't. You would want to be with someone who WANTS to be with you.

    Break up with your boyfriend. Don't tell him that it's over your ex. Just tell him that you're just not feeling it, and that he deserves to be with someone who can return his feelings properly. Because he does deserve that. Then DON'T run straight back to your ex, take some time and be single. You may discover that you really want to be with your current boyfriend, and you don't want to screw things up if that happens.

    If you do wind up getting back with your ex, don't worry about their friendship. They can work that out on their own, without you being a part of it.

    Breakups suck. Always. Your current boyfriend will be hurt, but not as hurt as he'd be when you decide to leave him in the future, which you will. You're not going to stay with someone forever you know you don't fully love. You're just dragging it out for the both of you, and making it harder.


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  • stay with your current boyfriend. Stop playing games with your EX.


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  • Why are you with a man if you love your ex?
    I think you need to take time and think about who you think about more. Who do you think about when you wake up? Before you go to sleep? Who gives you butterflies? When you think of marriage who do you think of? I mean ask yourself these questions, but only you know deep down who you really want and need

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