Is he interested in me? Mixed signals?

PLEASE READ ALL :) - Yesterday I met this guy who I've known about for a few months, and we've been wanting to meet. We met through a friend. Yesterday, I went to his Fourth of July party and when I first met him, he barely talked to me at all. All he did was look at me a lot. Then we got into his swimming pool, and we made eye contact more than once and smiled, but we never talked. We each talked to everyone else in the pool. except for each other. Once we got out, we decided to go out and drive to see some fireworks with a few other people. When we were walking, he walked really close to me and even told me I had gorgeous eyes. In the car after the fireworks, we had the windows rolled down and jamming to music and when I was dancing, I could see out of the corner of my eye that he was staring at me and smiling and laughing.

Here are a few other things he did:

1. He was like "we should go to the beach soon!" and I replied "yes that would be so fun." his response was, jokingly, "i'm sorry, but you're not invited. maybe if you stopped showing off your amazing cheerleading skills we would invite you places."
2. I told him about my bitchy cheer coach and he was like "she's just jealous of some of the pretty girls on the team." (I feel like he was calling me pretty indirectly because of his tone of voice when he said it, but I don't know)
3. The whole night he was loud and happy, but he asked me to go in the jacuzzi alone with him and his whole demeanor changed. He became very quiet when we were alone talking together. He even scooted closer.


1. His facial expressions when he would say these things did NOT look like flirting, he just seemed casual, but the things he would say seemed flirty. Basically the flirty things he said didn't match his facial expressions and tone of voice. SOMETIMES his tone of voice would be flirty, but not all the time.

What do you think? Thank you so much!

Alright so here's an update. My friend who was with us told me, "I can tell he's a player. It's my instinct. When he told you to come in the jacuzzi with him, and you went, it sent a strong message that you'd come to him and…I know it sounds weird,
(CONT) but it's a good way to loose the respect of a guy if you don't make him show you he gives a shit. Literally, all he said was "lets go in the jacuzzi" he didn't try anything with me. He didn't hit on me, he didn't make a move, we just talked.


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  • When he says things casually, he's just trying to play it cool. He's definitely interested in you, I think you should make a move.


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